Privacy Policy

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please read these data protection guidelines carefully. By using the Change Up app, you are agreeing to be bound by the following: (i) the current data protection guidelines (the data protection guidelines) and (ii) the user agreement issued by Change Up (the agreement).
You can print off a copy as required or download the latest PDF version of these data protection guidelines and the agreement at any time from . All terms used here have the same meaning as in the user agreement or – if applicable – in the Swiss Data Protection Act.

1 Applicable law

These data protection guidelines are subject to substantive legal requirements stipulated by Swiss law and shall be interpreted in accordance with these laws. When handling your personal data, we ensure that we strictly adhere to the regulations stipulated in the Swiss Data Protection Act.

2 Storing, protecting and processing personal data

(a) We store and process your personal data in order to be able to offer and optimise our services for you in accordance with our user agreement in order to comply with mandatory legal requirements; for the purposes of risk management; for security purposes; as a part of statistical surveys and market research that we conduct; and to continuously improve the Change Up app. The protection of your personal data is of the utmost importance to us. We therefore protect your personal data in accordance with the regulations provided for and stipulated by the Swiss Data Protection Act.

(b) We delete your personal data no later than 6 months after the user agreement has been terminated, unless the data has to be stored for a longer period as required by law.

(c) Personal data that we store and/or process includes among other things:

(i) information you provide us when you register to use the Change Up app;

(ii) information provided by a retailer when topping up your Change Up user account (date, time, place as per GPS data and amount);

(iii) information provided when using credit on your Change Up user account to pay a retailer (date, time, place as per GPS data and amount);

(iv) information that you have provided us when you transfer money to your personal bank account (name, name of bank, IBAN, BIC, date, time and amount);

(v) information that you provide us regarding payments to a charity that is recognised by us and registered by us (name, date, time, amount, name of the selected charity); and

(vi) all information provided to us by post, email, telephone or under the ‘contact’ area in the Change Up app.

(d) If appropriate, we process your data in accordance with section (c) above; we create anonymised customer, user and transaction profiles and analyse them.

3 Disclosure or forwarding of your personal data to affiliated companies and/or third parties

(a) The provisions stipulated in section 2 can mean that third parties may become aware of our commercial relationship. You hereby expressly release us from any form of confidentiality obligations in relation to this. You also release us from any confidentiality obligations insofar as this is necessary to safeguard legitimate interests. If appropriate, we share personal data with affiliated companies, financial institutions, retailers or other companies which process the transactions or provide related services. This includes transfers, assignments and outsourced transactions as per section 11 (b) of the user agreement and the processing of data by Google Analytics, Amazon Web Services and CRM Systems.

(b) We are entitled to use services provided by third parties in Switzerland or abroad in order to provide services in part or in full that are connected with the Change Up app. You hereby authorise us to forward to these third parties any information that is required to provide a complete and accurate delivery of the services. You agree and acknowledge that in exceptional cases and under certain circumstances data that is transmitted abroad may possibly not or will not be protected in accordance with Swiss standards. Change Up will do everything in its power to protect your data as effectively as possible.

(c) In the event that the recipient – as described below (f) – is located outside of Switzerland, we will take appropriate precautions if there are no equivalent data protection regulations provided for in the laws that govern these foreign countries, such as contractual terms, which also offer appropriate data protection abroad.

4 Processing data for the purposes of tailored services

You hereby agree to us collecting, storing and processing your personal data and to creating a personal profile in order to provide you with tailored services and individualised information, notifications and marketing information. You thereby agree to our use of external data and analysis services such as Google Analytics which is used to analyse anonymised user behaviour and to consequently modify and optimise the Change Up app in terms of user requirements. You are obviously entitled to withdraw this authorisation at any time.

5 Information relating to your personal data and requests to delete your personal data

You will find information on your stored data in the Change Up app under ‘personal data’. Further enquiries relating to your personal data which has been processed by us (or by an affiliated company and third party as per section 3 above), or requests to have your personal data deleted should be sent to us by post for security reasons. Our postal address is:

Change Up Holdings Limited, Melbourne
Subsidiary office in Zug
Bahnhofstrasse 21
CH – 6300 Zug

Requests to have your personal data deleted always involve the termination of the user agreement. Please refer to section 2 (b) of the user agreement.