ChangeUp is a Los Angeles-based financial technology company built on the belief that even the smallest efforts can change the world.

Our mission is to revolutionize giving by using technology to connect people, brands, and nonprofits in simple and impactful ways.

Integrating donations into the colossal, everyday flow of commerce.

At ChangeUp, we’ve set out to modernize charitable giving, which has been siloed in standalone fundraising events like bake sales and bike rides where donors write paper checks and the charities spend a ratio of 40 cents to acquire one dollar.

Our ambitious goal is to build technology that integrates donations into the colossal, everyday flow of commerce. Over the past four years, we’ve built technology that makes it possible for an individual to donate as little as one penny to any charity in America. Our enterprise software now powers some of the world’s largest brands to enable donations of spare change at checkout, in games and while streaming.

Along the way, we’ve assembled a team with deep experience in banking, payments and financial technology, and we appreciate the rigor and scrutiny involved in the tax-compliant transfer of funds to 501c3’s. We are committed to using the power of technology to revolutionize the way you donate in transparent, efficient and fun ways. Now is the time to change the world!



Bob Soderstrom

Co-Founder and CEO

Tim Kring

Co-Founder and CCO

Raj Kamachee

Co-Founder and CTO

Katie Nathan

SVP, Partnerships

Dickon Kent

Senior Product Designer

John Jordan


Andy Brandt


Bismark Frimpong

Lead Engineer

Sergio Mora

Program Manager

Luke Harmon

SVP Sales

Meghan McChan

Account Executive

Kevin Vach

UI Designer

Liliana Orocozo

SF Project Manager

Cesar Tavares

SF Lead Engineer

Wes Edling

Senior Developer


Jen Prince

John Pleasants

Tesa Aragones

Dan Phillips

Misha Collins


Avi Sarma

GRIL Ventures

Ido Aharoni

Diplomat, Tel Aviv

Ed Glassman