ChangeUp Launches Donate App on Discord

ChangeUp, the world’s leading donation software company, is proud to announce the launch of Donate App, the first ever donation tool available to the 150 million users on Discord. Discord users are some of the most passionate and engaged people on the internet and they want to come together to do good, but there’s never been a way to donate—until now. Meet Donate App for Discord, powered by ChangeUp!

Donate App for Discord: How It Works

Donate App is the first and only donation app for Discord. The platform’s 150 million active users can now use their influence to directly impact the world.

Donate App empowers server admins to create charity campaigns and harness the strength of their communities to get behind the causes they care about. Server admins can select their cause, customize campaigns, and create incentives and custom user roles to encourage members to donate. 100% of donations go directly to the selected charity.

If you’re not a server admin, simply find the campaign you want to support and click the “Donate” link. Members can make a donation using a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Charities to Choose From

Currently, there are 12 charity categories curated in partnership with Discord. These categories reflect vitally important issues like LGBTQIA+ rights, climate change, global conflicts and more.

For instance, there’s a dedicated category to support the ongoing relief efforts in Ukraine. Within each category, members will find groups responding to current events like the 2022 U.S. Supreme Court decision that overruled Roe v. Wade.

Donate App only hosts charities cleared by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Organizations that appear on the non-profit’s watchdog extremist list are automatically excluded.

ChangeUp: The Team & Technology Behind Discord’s Donate App

Based in Los Angeles, ChangeUp was founded by three entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to use technology to make giving more accessible, efficient, and effective. ChangeUp’s technology powers a suite of donation capabilities for e-commerce merchants, including donate-at-checkout and donations pledged on product pages.

With the launch of Donate App on Discord, ChangeUp is making it even easier to support important causes. Discord’s thriving community is filled with people who are passionate about making a difference. With Donate App, we’re giving them a way to do just that. We believe that this is the future of giving—and we’re just getting started. Download Donate App for Discord and inspire your server to change the world!


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