How Ecommerce Donations Can Wow Customers

The best word to describe the Salesforce Connections 2022 conference is “wow”—and not just in awe of the content. The June 8-9 event in Chicago was all about wowing customers. You can wow them with moments, wow them with relationships, and wow them with innovation.

As the only Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) LINK partner for eCommerce donation technology, ChangeUp made the trip from LA to Chicago to soak up the knowledge and inspiration at Connections 2022. Here’s how our Salesforce-certified donation solution helps deliver the wow factor that brands want to create and customers want to experience.

Connected Data

Data often lies dormant when disparate. The true power of data is in connecting the dots. When you develop a data strategy that focuses on outcomes, you can unlock value across the customer lifecycle. Every stage can be personalized. Every action can be memorized. 

Salesforce has a robust customer data platform, to which LINK partners like ChangeUp integrate seamlessly. What better data to collect than the charity a customer chooses when given the option to select from any charity in America (including local charities)? With this information, you can begin to learn what matters to them in their lives, in their communities, and in the world.


Technology enables 1:1 connection at scale, including on mobile. It’s the beauty of eCommerce today. However, personalization requires a bit of balance. You want to be thoughtful and approachable, not intrusive or pervasive (or, quite simply, creepy). 

ChangeUp is hyperpersonalized from the first touch point, when a customer chooses their charity. We all know then that one of the most effective ways to personalize the next interaction is by replicating the previous one. When the customer returns to your site, the charity they previously selected is right there once again. Form a 1:1 brand-and-customer alliance in which the customer keeps purchasing and you keep donating.


The wow factor doesn’t always need to be flashy. It’s really about simplicity. The more you can automate the customer experience (especially post-purchase), the more your brand will stand out as one that embodies the ease and convenience of eCommerce. 

Automation isn’t always customer-facing, either. When a customer donates on your website, they’re trusting you with their dollars. You need to make sure their donation gets to the right place reliably and in a timely manner. ChangeUp automates the distribution process, compliance, and reporting so your ethos is never in question.

Ready to wow customers with the best donation technology for global brands? Learn more about ChangeUp and request a demo today!


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