Micro-Donations: Your Ecommerce Secret Weapon

With everything that’s on your plate, adding a donation option to your website might seem like a low priority. It doesn’t have high stakes or a hard deadline, so you see it as more of a nice-to-have than a need-to-have. But what if we told you there’s an easy way to  lift AOV and inspire customer loyalty? Introducing a secret weapon: the eCommerce micro-donation!

1. Increase AOV and Boost Conversions

When a merchant pledges a micro-donation  to online orders, customers spend 14% more. When customers can choose the charity, they spend up to 22% or more. 

Every $1 donated by merchants to charity equates to $4.88 in new sales generated. 

Micro-donations increase average order value (AOV) across the board because they enable merchants to do good and look good, while simultaneously helping customers feel good about their purchases.

When Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company deployed our software to boost e-commerce sales and raise funds for the charity Baby2Baby, it resulted in a 12% lift in conversions as well as an 18% lift in AOV and 14% lift in LTV (lifetime value). 

This is just one of many ChangeUp case studies confirming that consumers are more likely to buy and spend when donations are attached to sales.

2. Enhance Customer Personas

With a personalized feature like ChangeUp’s new Donate-at-Cart, you can gain a glimpse into the causes that truly move your customers. This data adds a powerful new dimension to your buyer personas and can inform many areas including future targeting, advertising, and marketing. 

Instead of asking your customers to donate in addition to their purchase, try telling them you’re going to donate a portion of the sale at no extra cost to them. 

Better yet, let them select a cause that’s meaningful and perhaps even local to them. 

Get to know what your customers are passionate about in the world! They’ll reward you for knowing them better. 

3. Compete with Amazon

Donate-at-Cart is like AmazonSmile, minus Amazon. The tool integrates with the user experience on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud site and adds a donation directly into the customer’s cart without disrupting checkout. 

When the customer returns for future purchases, their selected charity will appear automatically. 

You know that donations do good for the world. Now, schedule a demo to learn how donations can also be good for your business!


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